In-Car equipment for a profitable mobility business

Regardless of the nature of your mobility business Frogne integrate the best tools for your drivers to handle bookings and payments to provide safe, efficient and profitable mobility services round the clock.

Unrivalled Integration of equipment and application

Seamless integration of vehicle equipment and driver applications with regulatory requirements and a financial overview is a cornerstone of the unique Frogne system integration. Navigation and payment integrations means an unrivalled future-proof solution for taxi operations of all sizes. It is a solution that gives drivers, taxi owners and taxi call centers the right tools to optimize earnings and profits.

Car equipment Software in car

EU approved vehicle equipment

As a standard, Frogne taximeters are always EU’s MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) approved, thus fulfilling all European fiscal requirements, which makes the system both legal and truly future-proof.

Ease-of-use with integration

Frogne’s in-car solution is fully integrated making the use of driver applications and vehicle units very easy. Even while driving! Integration to the booking and payment systems ensures that drivers have always the correct real- time information at hand.

Frogne TM3 taximeter

The Frogne TM3 taximeter is an EU MID approved taximeter system designed and developed by Frogne. With the intuitive touch screen and full integration to the Frogne CoDrive Driver app, the Frogne TM3 taximeter provides ease-of-use both directly from the taximeter display or via the CoDrive app. It’s comprehensive fiscal and legal compliance makes it a truly future proof workhorse in the car.
samsung tablet

Driver tablet for managing trips

The Driver tablet is the key element in the car through which the driver is connected to the dispatching system and carries out all the dispatching operations and more. Our powerful, easy-to-carry driver tablet ensures that the drivers can concentrate on the work without interruptions in or outside the car. Frogne use the renowned Samsung Tablet S9 known for it’s sturdy build and proven Android reliability as our default driver tablet.

Frogne Payment terminals

The Frogne payment terminals are top of the line user-friendly terminals that handle all card types from driver cards to credit cards, from magnetic stripe to contactless payment making them the only card reader you need in the car. The terminals are fully-integrated with the entire vehicle system providing drivers an passengers alike second-to-none ease of use.

Frogne Security Camera

An in-car security camera provides safety for both drivers and passengers. The Frogne security camera is integrated with both the in-car equipment and the call-center booking system making it the best possible security choice on the market. Encrypted high quality pictures are automatically saved and transferred to the dispatch system in case the alarm button is activated.

Frogne Thermal Printer

The fully-integrated Frogne thermal printer is an essential part of the vehicle equipment, printing high-resolution receipts, taximeter reports and booking information quickly. It also prints logos and extra texts to market your brand.
Taxi Sign

3rd Party Taximeters

For companies operating other established brands of taximeters the Frogne suite of booking, dispatch and administrative tools are fully compatible with MegTax, Digitax, Semel and Hale taximeters, among others. If in doubt, consult with Frogne if your taximeter brand is Frogne compatible.

Software in Car : Frogne CoDrive Driver app

The Frogne CoDrive Android app is designed and developed for person transportation purposes. It provides all the necessary information and functionality for drivers to easily, securely and reliably manage bookings and take care of the daily tasks including booking and passenger management, navigation, messaging and shift overview.