Top performing booking tools to boost your business

Top performing booking tools to boost your business

Today's mobility customers and passengers expect instant booking capabilities across all platforms. The popular Frogne booking tools offer you easy ways to book a transportation and seamless support for all different transportation types.

A complete integration with the Frogne Dispatch solution will provide a range of sought-after benefits; Increased your booking capacity,  improved booking quality, enhanced user experience, simplified booking process and automated booking administration.
Check out the user-friendly Frogne solutions aimed at improving customer satisfaction:


Frogne WebBooking
The universal, online person transportation booking tool for corporate and private customers.
Frogne Infinity App
The State-of-the-art, end-to-end taxibooking app for your customers to book, calculate, track, pay and rate a trip


Frogne Webbooking is a powerful ordering tool for corporate and private customers, which through a website allows easy ordering of multiple types of transportations. Web site design is responsive, which automatically adjusts the web page depending on whether it is displayed on a smartphone, tablet or on a computer. 

WebBooking is fully loaded with modern features and it supports both anonymous users and registered users which makes it very flexible for different requirements. As a registered user you can view your own bookings, customize configurations, such as favorite addresses and also view the status of the company accounts. Naturally WebBooking supports multiple languages and has a detailed map view of the trip and price calcualtion to make the booking process as easy as possible.

Infinity Booking App

Frogne Infinity booking app provides all the modern features of a booking app in a simple and easy-to-use user interface for both Android and iOS platforms. Infinity can be configured to allow booking trips anonymously or users can be required to register via SMS confirmation code and login before creating a booking. After creating a booking user is informed about the progress of the booking by push notifications including estimated time of the arrival of the car. After the trip, the user can give a rating with comments on the trip or the driver.

Like you could expect Infinity also has very flexible price calculation and built-in wallet for credit card payments in the app with option to save multiple payment cards for example business and private trips. It is even possible to connect the user profile to an account for example in corporate use.