Why choose Frogne?

For 40 years, Frogne has developed visions and the tools for all types of passenger transportation. Frogne’s taxi and passenger transportation customers uphold commitments and satisfy customer wishes for simple, efficient transportation on a daily basis, thanks to Frogne’s well-conceived transportation technology. There are thus many reasons to choose Frogne:

Experience is the key word when it comes to developing optimal transportation technology. Forty years of long-lasting customer relationships has given Frogne the power to translate strategic visions into practical technical choices and to continually use its technical and behavioral experience for the benefit of customers. Read more
Frogne’s solutions are based on a holistic view in an integrated system. System integration of booking, traffic planning and coordination, and administration provides flexibility, synergy and user-friendliness into one coherent system. Thus, Frogne’s customers operate profitable and growth-oriented transportation firms. Read more
Technology is not an end in itself, but a means to obtain results. Therefore, we develop products that provide opportunities instead of limitations. We use standard components, established technology and open platforms. We have the industry's highest quality standards and uptimes and our reassuring service agreements mean uninterrupted operation 24/7/365. We call it stable technology for all traffic. Read more