Web portal

In the web portal the center can share transportation information online and on all platforms with drivers, employees, system administrators and passengers.


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The web portal integrates data from booking, operations and administration and makes relevant information available.

  • Drivers can optimize their own driving (for example, available vehicles, advance booking, chat, own reports, manuals, etc.)
  • Drivers get an overview of the business (for example, trips view, accounting, schedules, refueling, trips driven, etc.)
  • Operators are freed from routine information (e.g., time recording, dialogue with the management, etc.)
  • System administrators can quickly resolve IT issues (e.g., log reports, telephone waits, arrival time, registry editing, online support, rebooting, resetting, etc.)
  • The orderer can get an overview of passenger traffic (e.g., entries, trip statistics, vehicle display, cancelled trips, etc.)