Complete traffic routing

The Dispatch Management Solution traffic routing system is a complete passenger transportation management and communication system. With built-in experience and flexibility, the Dispatch Management Solution automatically optimizes call center resources.


grøn-knap Well-conceived functionality
High system stability means less stress and better service for passengers. Individual solutions with limitless adaptation possibilities. The open-system platform means a long, obsolescence-proof lifetime. A single supplier means hassle-free installation and updating.

grøn-knap Well-conceived taxi operations:

  • Telephony with automatic number memory and address display
  • Planning and management of complex trips
  • Multiple call centers can be operated by a system independently of each other
  • Database and system administration Passenger, road, vehicle properties, etc.
  • Automatic dispatch; district, wait list, etc.
  • Optimal trip assignment with GPS positioning
  • Automatic vehicle status GPS sign-up and free/busy status
  • Silent alarm Automatic vehicle localization
  • Video log; transferring digital photos from inside the vehicle to the center
  • Accounts Account management and billing Individual customer cards
  • Accounting Data exchange and link to the accounting system.