Complete traffic planning

Routeplan is the ideal call center tool for fully automatic route calculation and planning. Real-time monitoring of traffic and resource situations Suggests optimal trip distribution with respect to passenger wishes, environmental requirements, etc.


 grøn-knap Fleet optimization
Routeplan processes driving data, puts together and calculates optimal trip plans. The fleet is optimally deployed, using the most suitable vehicle closest to the passengers, minimizing fuel consumption and arrival time. Operating savings of 10-15% can be realized.

  grøn-knap Driving and the CO2 simulation
The ideal planning tool for simulating school, patient and disabled transportation, etc. Calculates and maps out routes, vehicle needs, fuel, driven mileage, price per trip, etc. Simulates driving and calculates key figures for the optimal operation and profitability in connection with tenders.

 grøn-knap Plans schedule
Routeplan can compile schedules for drivers and vehicles. It provides information to the vehicle about trips, giving priority to vehicles on the system-created schedule, checks entries, etc. and functions as the memory of the entire center.