Frogne participated in Dansk PersonTransport’s (Danish Passenger Transport) Annual Meeting 2020

Minister of Transport Benny Engelbrecht opened the Dansk PersonTransport Annual Meeting 2020 and acknowledged the industry’s hard times.

Dansk PersonTransport’s Annual Meeting 2020 was held September 12-13, 2020 at Marienlyst Strandhotel in Elsinore. The annual meeting was naturally overshadowed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and Minister of Transport Benny Engelbrecht opened the meeting with a speech on the big screen and acknowledged the hard times the industry is going through, and at the same time, he thanked all sectors for their indispensable work during the COVID-19 crisis.

Despite ubiquitous hand sanitizer, social distancing rules and the absence of exhibitions, there was a good mood and sense of community among those present. During the well-planned, two-day event, where all modes of transport were well represented, there was ample opportunity to meet colleagues and foster social relations.

At Frogne, taxi and bus drivers expressed great interest in knowing more about integrated solutions to streamline, optimize and adjust operations, both in terms of technology development in general, as well as for the COVID-19 pandemic in particular.

As an example of the benefits of system integration between vehicles and the dispatch center, there are automation tools for efficient route planning and traffic management. This included Frogne’s web-booking solution and a hotel-based taxi booking app that gives the customer a simple and fast way to book a taxi.

Brainstorming around booking and technology platforms as well as the development of data-driven and knowledge-based business intelligence are other areas where Frogne can provide specialized collaboration with the passenger transport industry.

Industry organization makes a difference

Both the Minister of Transport Benny Engelbrecht and the members present emphasized the important role of Dansk PersonTransport in times of crisis.

Michael Nielsen, Director of DPT, emphasized that it is in challenging times like these that the value of being a member of an industry association becomes truly clear. When multiple players work together, they can stand stronger and have a louder voice when it is needed. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, and for many of our members, the consequences will last several years into the future.

Therefore, DPT is also working to ensure that future legislation takes this into account, said Michael Nielsen.

Deputy CEO Trine Wollenberg was pleased that it was possible to bring the industry’s players together, and even though the annual meeting was smaller and shorter than originally planned, the mood and the level of professionalism was high – and there was good distance

– between all participants. The need to meet, discuss and exchange experiences naturally intensifies in times of crisis. Wollenberg was pleased to see how the annual meeting with its representatives for freight, bus and taxi used the annual meeting to learn from each other, and sees it as invaluable knowledge-sharing during a crisis with a wide impact that affects the entire transport industry and mobility in society.

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