Frogne exhibited at the Norwegian Taxi Owners Association’s Trade Fair 2017

There was great interest at the Trade Fair from taxi dispatch centers and licensees to learn more about Frogne’s digital solutions for all types of taxi operations.

Frogne also exhibited this year at the Norwegian Taxi Owners Association’s Trade Fair on October 6-7 in Sandefjord. Frogne participated together with partner Taxi Transport Telemark (TTT). Frogne was represented by Lars-Ingvar Johansson, Norwegian Sales Manager at Frogne and TTT CEO Björn Johannessen.

“We want to enter into dialogue with taxi companies and taxi owners, who wish to utilize the business benefits of digital technology in their taxi operations. We can jointly offer strategic advantages by outsourcing services as required. Our goal was to give visitors a clear picture of the synergies and technological benefits,” says Lars-Ingvar Johansson.

Taxi Transport Telemark runs its own taxi dispatch center from Skien, where they, in collaboration with Frogne, offer services within switchboard, IT, finance and administration for other dispatch centers.

“TTT can offer alternatives to their own servers, software and hardware, while guaranteeing computing power, full functionality and stable operation. The technological development means that we can offer a range of services that optimize the operation, where each dispatch center is able to achieve full functionality without having to make large investments themselves,” says Björn Johannessen.

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