Frogne arranges customer event in Helsinki

Find Frogne A/S and Structab AB debate taxi technology with Finnish taxi firms on June 15 in Helsinki.   

The technology behind taxi operations is in rapid development at present. The digitizing of booking, coordination, payment and administration is presenting taxi customers with more options and services, opening doors to new taxi business opportunities.

Several major Finnish taxi firms, including two of Helsinki’s largest – Lähitaksi and Helsinki Taksi – as well as Kymenlaakson Taksi, are among the first to use Frogne’s and Structab’s new digital taximeter and call center solutions.

"With the interest that the leading Finnish firms have shown in our future-proof solutions, we look forward to arranging a knowledge-event for interested companies with the goal of disseminating knowledge of taxi technology on the digital technique platform and raising awareness of and familiarity with the consequences of a liberalized taxi market. In the same way as in other European markets, liberalization of the taxi industry is ongoing in Finland, and Frogne and Structab can contribute on the strength of their with experience from Sweden and Germany. That knowledge and experience – related to the technical solutions for the optimizing taxi operations under changing market conditions – we will of course share with Finnish taxi operators", said Kaare Frogne, CEO, Finn Frogne A/S.