40 years and 40 billion km

Engineer Finn Frogne founded the company that still bears his name in 1973. The business model then, as now, was the development of technical solutions for improving the efficiency of taxi operation and transportation in general. The company is still family owned and is managed today by second-generation Kaare Frogne (38).

The head office is located in Ishöj Village in the western suburbs of Copenhagen, and has offices in Sweden (Helsingborg and Halmstad), Finland (Helsinki) and in Germany (Tübingen). Finn Frogne A/S is currently one of Europe's leading developers of traffic routing systems and taximeter and GIS (geographic information system) solutions.

Frogne’s business philosophy is based on long-lasting customer relationships with private and public clients in the taxi industry and other passenger transportation. Today, Frogne’s solutions are in operation 24 hours a day in taxis and public transportation (medical, disabled, school transportation, etc.) in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland and Germany. Just over 40 000 product units in 10 000 cars and buses ensure efficient 24/7 trip booking, traffic planning, coordination and management, as well as administration and documentation of the thousands of people's daily transportation.

Frogne’s product development is based on a combination of free standards and open technical platforms and development and integration of needs-adapted solutions that interact to create productivity-enhancing and profit-making operations.

Frogne’s quality philosophy is based on control of the development, production, installation and service of both HW and SW products as well as integration of all links in the transportation chain. Thus, Frogne’s customers enjoy stable, approved solutions with the industry’s highest vehicle and call center uptime, as a rule 99.98% efficient operating time.

Frogne actively participates in debates about infrastructure and mobility issues. We support the spread of efficiency-enhancing technical solutions for the benefit of the community. We work with governments, politicians, corporate and interest organizations to create fair competition and clear commercial rules as well as open, accessible technical standards. In several countries Frogne has been designated as an independent industry authority in technical and climate-related transportation issues.

Frogne’s own workshops and workshop partners in Scandinavia serve as the official taximeter inspectors for the entire taxi industry.

In Denmark, Frogne takes part in the Passenger Transportation Committee, the Traffic Congestion Commission, the Green Taxi Commission, the Transportation Innovation Network, and the Association for Standardized Exchange of Transportation Information (SUTI), and acts as Denmark’s representative to WELME– the EU Agency for Standardization of Measuring Instruments, including taximeters.